Spirit Class 36  passenger fast ferry Ace Marine Sprite 38 - 12 Passenger Inland Ferry 10m Fluggaboat twin waterjet launched 2012 Fishmore 15 - 14.95m Twin Rig Trawler Our DredgeCat designs range in size from 10m to 24m, and can be configured as road transportable up to 20m in length. 7.5m Fluggaboat Patrol version 20/20 Cutter Suction Dredger 8m Fluggaboat DSND Pelican - Stability book to DNV Landing Craft Work Boat design for Scottish West Coast 1970's

Ace Marine Ltd is run today by our dedicated team of Naval Architects, Designers, and Engineers

Started in Limekilns in 1999 by David Gray, the Ace Marine Business has been providing the highset quality Naval Architecture and Marine Design services to a worldwide client base.

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